Your Guide to An Immediate Bail Bond

After being arrested by the police, you’re taken to jail to be held in custody until bond is set by a judge. As mentioned in the video, a bail bond is a cash amount you pay to the court to guarantee your appearance on your court date. Once you pay your bond, typically 10% of the bond amount, you’re free to return to your normal life until the day of court.

Some offenses have what’s known as a preset bond. The video explains more about how a preset bond works, but if your offense comes with one, you don’t have to wait to see a judge. Instead, you can pay the bond as soon as you’re allowed to and regain your freedom for the time being. The amount you pay for the bond is refunded to you when you show up for your day in court.

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Offenses that don’t have a preset bond are required to go in front of a judge for what’s known as a bond hearing. The judge listens to both prosecutor and public defense attorneys about your criminal and personal background and sets a bond based on the information given. Once the bond has been set, you have multiple options to pay the immediate bail bond, all of which are discussed in the video. These options include paying cash, getting help from a bail bondsman, and more.


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